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Even if you aren't a drinker (or you don't agree with his assessment of your favorite drink) you'll at least get a laugh or two. RELATED: Drinking Alcohol Actually Makes You Better Looking (Says Science)3. anything However, if she orders a single malt scotch from the UK, she quite possibly knows more about alcohol than any guy she'll ever talk to. "On the rocks" is more "numb my tastebuds so I don't realize what I'm actually doing to my body."This woman sounds nice and cute when asking for a "Jack and Coke, please!" But in her 50s, after all the whiskey and cigarettes get to her, she'll start to sound like a gravel-voiced trucker with strep: "JAAACK and COOOOKE, please." (You know the voice.)6.Meanwhile, Kearns' brother, Matt, and five others wearing white gloves silently carried his sister's casket from St.Mary Catholic Church after a funeral Mass on Monday morning. Washington Street in Joliet, according to a news release.

(Will County sheriff, Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune)Boshears remains in the Will County Adult Detention Facility on million bond.Absolut Mandarin with half-pineapple, half-orange juice, a splash of cranberry, a drop of grenadine with an orange, and cherry garnish This is a real drink that a woman ordered.I got so sick of making it, I asked if any guy she had ever dated told her she was high-maintenance. RELATED: 14 Boozy Treats That Let You Have Your Drink And Eat It, Too10.Authorities say the two met at the Joliet bar where she began working about a month ago and dated for about two weeks.Boshears' wife and other family members and friends attended Monday's court hearing, his attorney Neil Patel said.

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