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Befriended by Mona Vanderwaal, she will be tempted by revenge and justice. Draco exhaled deeply and took a final look at Ron, who was staggering to his feet once more. Draco just wants to focus on his studies and doesn't want to tease because of his past. My friend, writingismylife0101 will post chapters weekly! Now with the odds against her survival, who will be there to make sure she lives. Kidnapping and character death possible in later chapters. Unfortunately, the seal has been broken and a group of young heroes have been chosen to stand against her. But with A on their backs, and drama exploding left, right and center, how will it all go down? Couples: Spencer/Toby; Hanna/Caleb; Aria/Ezra; Emily/Maya. In the course of one summer, Spencer Hastings had lost it all and was a broken teen. When Aria is forced to marry war hero, Ezra Fitz, will the past prevent her from finding love? A coming of age comedy-drama about Riley and Lucas. Riley's life turns upside down when she becomes pregnant. He spun quickly, eager to drag someone else into the fight, but saw that it was Harry. " Harry said urgently, seeing the astonished looks they were getting from the crowd. D., Maya, Lucas, and Farkle to find them before it's too late. Kim is 1 out of 4 kids, she has no friends, and no one in her family loves her. Riley Fitz falls in love with the wrong person, Haley Rivers is jealous of her older sister, Taylor Cavanaugh likes older guys, and Meggie Fields goes against the wishes of her moms. Hermione, Draco, Ron, Harry, and Ginny are all in their last year so it's a bit hectic. Everyone knows they like each other except himself. It was an ordinary day when Riley Matthews was kidnapped. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts a powerful wizard known as Zordon, Rita was sealed away and thought to be gone forever. Spencer Hastings & Hanna Marin have just moved to Rosewood. They form a pact, and soon, the Liars are carrying precious little versions of themselves. After her Momma's sudden yet tragic death, she vows never to marry a general, since she is convinced that they are all heartless and violent like her father. Can someone save her from herself or will it result in the loss of a Teen Titan? Cory finds out that Riley and Lucas are getting married and has a little trouble letting go and also the financial and organizational pain of arranging Riley's wedding. They think she's stupid, and doesn't know about them. When Robbie finds out, can he save her from the depression? Draco stepped forward as though to attack again, but someone grabbed him from behind. When they are kidnapped, it's up to Walker, Trivette, C. This story is told from the POV of their fifteen year-old daughters when they start to receive texts from A. Lucas Friar, yet she can never muster up the courage to confess her true feelings. He knows that he loves Riley, and cannot live without her, yet he is too afraid of rejection. Centuries ago, an evil sorceress known as Rita Repulsa was determined to rule the world and enslave all of humanity. Will they able to break their walls, and fall in love or will they leave ashamed? Summary: Chihiro Ogino always felt she did not belong to the human world. The girl you would least expect to get pregnant gets pregnant! He wants revenge, and she's part of the master plan. Aria Montgomery, a Pennsylvania girl and the daughter of a famous Civil War general, has a lot to learn. Will Draco treat her in the same kind way as he does when he comes to the house? She can't tell anyone her secret, in fear that it will change the way everyone looks at her. After hearing upsetting things about her, Starfire decides to rid of the pain in a dangerous way that seems like the only solution. I Do Not Own Girl Meets World Cat is angry at everyone that's made fun of her over the past few years. And if that's not enough, her parents are emotionally abusing her over her brother. Tenaya and Dillon are the black and white rangers and Summer and Dillon have been together for 6 years and have a daughter. It was an ordinary day when Alex Cahill and Riley Matthews were kidnapped by the criminal Alex was trying to get convicted. Jack is the popular one, will her feel sympathy or just be a total jerk. The liars are grown up and living in Rosewood with their families. They agreed to be friends and value that the most instead of getting into a relationship. Riley Matthews had one goal, and that was to be able to get over Lucas Friar and make as many memories as possible.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jason or Aria or any other characters who appear on the tv show. Civil War Story: Spencer is in love with a yankee soldier, Aria is in love with a rival family's son, Hanna has eyes for a man not to be trusted, and Emily only wants a woman. Based off of Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind Sheldon has angered Amy again, and has decided to throw a party for her as apology. Includes special scenes from the Prom Equivalency and a special, unplanned surprise from Sheldon at the end of the party! Everything is perfect until complications arise in Hanna's pregnancy, and she has to chose between her life and her unborn child's life. Ruby Santiago was best friends with Riley and Maya when she was little.

When Emily Florence (daughter of famous movie and TV show director David Florence) moves to New York and attends Riley and Maya's school things become a little hectic.

Lucas doesn't break the rules, but he can't help but love her.

This is a re-written story of mine called family ties. She will be brought to the spirit world by a thread of fate and destiny. What will happen to Hermione in this new situation? During an unfortunate day in detention, Riley goes through an event that will change her life forever, and not in a good way. When they do return home, are Jake and Emma still the same as they were when they arrived? M where Tenaya and Dillon have another sister and she is Heather 7. Will Emily stick with Alison, even when she hides their secret, and acts horribly towards her friends?

Truth is she is breaking inside but will she let her best friend save her? Draco has been a family friend of the Zabini's since childhood. With little chance of returning, Jake and Emma decided help the Retro Rangers defeat the ruling evil. What if their tutoring sessions become more than just tutoring?

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