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The only down side is that it didn't come with its own lash glue, considering that some others come with lash glue and are cheaper I was a little disappointed but it was fine just used some glue from a different lash set and. My makeup artist friend recently used a pair on me (I believe in Malevolent, but I don't know for sure) and they're the perfect pair for a done-up yet natural eye look! The only complaints I have are that they go on very awkwardly, for example I applied glue and pressed down on one end of the band and the other end popped back up, so I had to use both hands to apply them.Also, I'm a little disappointed in the price raise.When he first arrived in Shiz, Fiyero was chased by enchanted antlers in Professor Nikidik's class and was spared when Crope and Tibbett came to his rescue.

At the age of 18, he enrolls at Ozma Towers in Shiz.I love wearing lashes for events to enhance eyes and when I saw the price, I thought it was perfect.I'm not sure if I didn't read thoroughly, however, the lashes look very fake (seriously, almost plastic) and were SIGNIFICANTLY longer than I anticipated.The inner corners were so hard to manoeuvre and get in the right spot to have them blend seamlessly.I usually don't like big thick bands and this is why.

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