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It’s up to us to figure out what to do with the information and decide how many rights we give to someone who would not think twice about violating every single one of ours.On Easter Day 1722, Dutch explorers landed on Easter Island.However, Wallisch and Murrough agree that these tests often don’t work as it’s a widely known fact that psychopaths are likely to lie and purposely manipulate otherse.“If they [psychopaths] are smart they would know that the right answer on a test is not that you strangled a cat when you were a kid,” Murrough said.It seems they lived an isolated existence for the next thousand years on an island measuring 22x11km, roughly the size of Jersey.

(Bloody too: the sailors killed ten natives within minutes of landing.) Where had the Islanders originally come from? Modern science is piecing together the story, but it is far too late for the Easter Islanders themselves.The people's success manifested itself in a way that has become the Island's iconic trademark: hundred of immense stone figures - have intrigued all who have seen them since 1722.None was standing when scientists first arrived, those upright today have been re-erected.They were virtually wiped out by a series of disasters - natural and manmade - that brought a population of 12,000 down to just 111 in a few centuries.The Island's inhabitants today all have Chilean roots, making solving the mysteries even harder.

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