How to deal with intimidating people

So in those moments, I have to remind myself that there’s nothing about this person that makes them better than me. The most important cliché I cannot stress enough is to just be yourself around them.

If you turn yourself into someone unrecognizable just to gain their approval, then you probably shouldn’t like this person in the first place.

So in order to have an Something that I’ve found really helpful is to spend more time with this person than you usually would.

I am encouraged that my battles can be winning battles too! She is easy to talk to and comfortable to be around.What helped me was to think, ‘God is in complete control of the situation and He does not put me in any situation that is too much to bear.’ (1 Corinthians )“When I start to feel those symptoms of fear and anxiety, this verse has been particularly helpful for me: given me a spirit of fear for this situation. If I can see those intimidating people the way God sees them, if I can have that same love, then I don’t have to fear them, but more than that, I also want to make it good for them.Now I always felt bad, but it definitely makes them less intimidating to see them in a position where they aren’t considered “perfect”. This way, if you always felt down after seeing this intimidating person, you can train your brain to remind yourself that they might have their strengths, but you have yours as well.While spending more time with the daunting person may be easy in some situations, in others it’s not really a possibility. The more power you give them, then the harder it’s going to be to see them as a plain human being.

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