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Intelligent women, it appears, are either unwilling to date and marry outside of their IQ cohort or are unable to do so.This has real implications for both women and men on the left hand side of the curve.This is evidence that what men and women look for in a mate diverges.Women apparently value intelligence in a mate—or perhaps the socio-economic rewards for intelligence—more than men do.Now Nicole Lapin, my colleague here at CNBC, has tried to explain why smart women want to date smart men. The Gloss wanted to know why smart men were dating less intelligent women, while Lapin wrote about why smart women date smart men.There’s obviously a missing category here: men on the left hand side of the intelligence bell-curve.They can exit a dating relationship or a marriage in favor of concentrating on their careers.

In most of the western world, sex-ratios run about even.

The economic organization of our society—which increasing rewards intelligence—is a significant factor.

The creation of a “knowledge-based economy” means that those who are more intelligent have an advantage over those who are not.

To put it differently: when a publication like The Gloss asks “why smart men date dumb women,” it is asking the wrong question.

It should be asking why smart women refuse to reciprocate.

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