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Have you ever been unable to change the start date of a task in Microsoft Project?You type in 11/2 for the start date and it changes back to 11/19.In the example below, when we key in a start date of 10/1 for Task 10 and press Enter, Project keeps its start date as 10/3.Keying a date for Task 3 again changed the default constraint from As Soon As Possible (ASAP) to SNET for the date you keyed.The latter two are regarded as “soft” constraints because they do not impact the schedule’s tendency to be pushed out into the future.As we saw above, a SNET constraint gets superseded by other scheduling influences.

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If you link the summary tasks Design and Development phases (Tasks 1 and 11 in Figure 3) with Development as the successor, then none of the tasks in Development can start before Design is complete. If you set a SNET constraint before 10/3 for any task in the Development phase, the start date based on the summary task dependency will take precedence: no task in the Development phase will begin until at least 10/3.Figure 4 This situation can be even more difficult to see when the summary task does not appear on the same screen as the detail task that you’re trying to update.This can happen when a task is buried deep in the task outline (Work Breakdown Structure), so the related summary task is many tasks higher in your outline.Similarly, as the example in Figure 3 shows, the summary task dependency will supersede the detailed task dependency between tasks 9 and 13.Figure 3 This situation can be hard to spot because you may not realize that the detailed tasks in Development are part of a linked summary, unless you specifically look for the link between Design and Development. In this case, the affected detailed task (Task 5) has predecessors in the same phase (Tasks 3 and 4).

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