Quicken not updating prices

• The press release for Quicken 2018 touts a partnership with Dropbox “for backup and retrieval of your Quicken data through our exclusive partnership with the leading cloud storage provider.” It’s not clear what that means.There’s nothing new in the Quicken backup options to give that any context. Quicken 2018 looks a lot like a light rewrite of last year’s program that needs a few months to mature, exactly like every new version of Quicken for decades.Whether you’re keeping track of your own finances, those of your home business or even finances for a local small business, Intuit’s products are a great choice.However, they’re not for everybody depending on the type of Quicken software you have to pick up, it can be quite pricey, too.Amazon, for example, adds three months to the membership term for the same price.If you’re like most people, you’ve been upgrading Quicken every three years.

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Two years ago Intuit, the long-time owner of Quicken, took a look at the collapse of desktop software and decided to dump Quicken in a fire sale. There are a few nods to the modern world – for example, the option to sync your data file online so you can access financial reports from your phone. Because it’s the only company in this sector whose name starts with “Q”! But good-hearted people have been working hard on it, and after a maintenance release last year, the 2018 version is the version that clearly shows the future of the product. Put aside any fear that Quicken has undergone radical changes. Quicken was an insignificant acquisition of an unimportant product.That gives the program enough time to develop some interesting new features and avoids problems with importing data into a newer version.This new annual membership means a much bigger investment is required to keep using Quicken in the future.

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