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Unlike many other games, where the same sprite is used multiple times (e.g, all the merchants look the same), each character has a unique appearance, schedule, and abilities, and they are recruited in a variety of ways.

Restrictions on Use You are free to quote brief portions of this guide for non-commercial use, such as answering questions on bulletin boards, provided you clearly mentiont that you got the information from this FAQ by Bill Pringle.

For example, when you are on your first few missions, if you try to turn away from the path to your destination, the leader of the group will stop you and tell you that is not the way. An RPG is like a fine meal: the goal should be to enjoy the game, not see how fast you can finish it.

If there are some optional side quests, I will mention them and give you enough information to let you succeed with those quests. I do give you detailed step by step instructions for the final dungeon of the game, since the map in the official strategy guide is confusing and has errors, and I haven't seen an accurate map of that area that was generally available.

The HTML page will probably be updated more often, and will always be the latest version.

The HTML web page will include hyperlinks, so you can click on a link to find the appropriate section.

Your current destination will be shown with a swirl.

If you are ever in doubt, press R1 to bring up the map.

I will not give you step by step instructions because, frankly, you probably don't need them.

The game is pretty good at making sure you are doing what you should be doing.

You will see a green swirl where you should be headed.

There are several places in the game where if you try to go into an area you shouldn't, Jack will make a comment and retreat.

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