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If you are unsure which practice area is right for you, use our search function to scan our entire law library database to do your legal research.Ethics Home O'Quinn Library Home Canons Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct (amended March 1, 2005) Texas Code of Professional Conduct (Superseded 1990) Former Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure (Superseded 2004) Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure (pdf) (Effective January 1, 2004) Ethical Considerations Ethics Opinions by Subject Ethics Opinions by Number Disciplinary Actions Lawyer's Creed Judicial Ethics & Opinions Other Ethics Links.county domestic relations committee prosecuting both husband and wife, 441 criminal practice by member of family, 323 defense of defendant by spouse of assistant district attorney, 539 district attorney prohibited from prosecuting a former client in new criminal proceeding without the former client's consent, 538 district attorney prohibited from prosecuting a motion to revoke probation on a case where he served as defense counsel, 538 district attorney representation of another attorney in DA's office, 430 district attorney's former firm representing defendant, 113 district attorney's prosecution of a defendant represented by district attorney's spouse, 539 employment as special prosecutor, 126 interview of criminal defendant, 226 lay employee, 144 practice after retirement, 243 practice of law while service as, 23, 48, 183, 217, 296, 309 practicing of criminal law by county attorney's law partners, 37, 187, 243, 318, 323, 419 attorney acting as surety for client's bond, 140 "attorney-of-the-day" program, 535 by former prosecutor, 345 city attorney representing criminal defendant, 49 concealment of criminal client, 315, 442 decline court appointment, 477 disclosing criminal history of client, 504 disclosure of detailed description of lawyer's services to court for purposes of obtaining payment for representing indigent defendant, 559 district attorney's prior representation of defendant as defense counsel, 538 interview of criminal defendant by county attorney, 226 not required to disclose fatal defect in indictment, 131 probation officer as defense attorney, 327 prosecutor as witness, 399 representation by city commissioner, 497 representation by municipal court judge not acting as judge in that case, 541 representation by spouse of assistant district attorney who is prosecuting, 539 waiver of post-conviction appeals based on ineffective assistance of counsel as part of plea agreement, 571 waiver of post-conviction appeals based on prosecutorial misconduct as part of plea agreement, 571 .See also Attorney-client privilege; Clients; Consent of client; Intermediaries; Conflicts of interest.advertising special expertise in matters handled while in office, 5 announcements of withdrawal from, 14 campaigning for, 103, 165, 340 city commissioner, 497 fee splitting with private practitioner, 172, 309 generally, 49, 82, 184, 272, 382, 429 practicing law while holding legislative seat, 162 prohibition of using title of state senator on professional cards, 11 use of public facilities/materials in private practice, 356 acquiring undivided fee simple interest in disputed property, 408 referral by real estate agent who receives entertainment and small gifts consistent with customary community standards, 623 same attorney for both parties, 228, 448, 525 security for fee, 449 solicitation, 228, 265 splitting receiver fees between lawyer/receiver and parties' lawyers, 566 .See also Advertising; Employment; Lawyer referral service; Solicitation of business.Although some companies chose to have no policy on dating, that leaves them open to potential liability if a supervisor is shown to have sexually harassed a subordinate, for example, by giving a poor performance review to a former partner.To avoid this, companies institute various types of dating policy.

non-privileged information, 506 representing employee and employer in related mishap, 244 when retained by employer, 18 conflicting interest, 294, 441, 583 contingent fees, 292 "kits" provided for self-representation by client, 364 mediation of, 583 responsibility for preparation of QDRO, 534 withholding affirmative defense of condonation, 214 withholding information in cases, 33 . concurrent practice of law and accounting, 136 concurrent practice of law and probation officer, 327 concurrent practice of law and elected county commissioner, 530 employee leasing arrangements, 508, 560 identification in advertisements of, 24 joint occupancy of offices, 275 multiple clients, 482, 487, 500, 512 notice of, in letterheads, 119 ownership of abstract company, 196 participation in, 92 practicing criminal law concurrently with bail bond business, 141 real estate transactions, 150, 228, 448, 525 Back to Top conduct compatible with professional obligations, 472, 497 division of fees with, 153 employment by collection agency which also employs attorney, 401 former employee of opposing law firm, 472, 527 inclusion on stationery letterhead, 381, 390, 436, 438 legal assistants using firm name on business cards, 403 names on door signs, 426, 437, 509 task delegation- signing of letters by legal assistant, 381 testifying as expert witness, 513 .

However, in its opinion, the court also stated that the policy may have gone too far.

Another option is to require employees to report whenever they enter into a consensual relationship.

solicitation, 414 letter to non-potential clients, 507 letter to potential clients, 470 solicitation of will through mail, 413 . contract of employment with, 58 dealing with opposing party, 474 employment of attorney by city while acting as general counsel for joint entity of two cities, 633 practice of law by public official, 282, 429 representation of municipality against another municipality that was a former client, 578 representing clients before city boards/councils, 274 Back to Top assumed, 324 of building, 221, 252, 254, 379 of clients confidential, 479 of deceased partner, 185, 375 of firms, 319, 400, 466, 478, 491, 509, 522, 634 of non-profit corporation providing pro-bono legal services including name of non-lawyer, 647 of professional designation such as "Dr.", "Doctor", "J.

D.", or "Doctor of Jurisprudence", 550 pseudonym, 434 use of "Group" in cooperative advertising, 591 trade names, 398 .

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